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Teacher Training

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training
NEW DATES 3rd June – 6th June 2022
Email us to enquire for future dates 🙂

Floating in the air brings a sense of freedom, courage and lots of fun. Join us for this teacher training to discover a different side of yoga for yourself and your students.
A training program put together by experienced yoga teachers.
Whether you wish to teach or just want to delve deeper into this unique style of yoga then this training is for you.

What’s included:

– 4 Days of in person training, join a small group with likeminded people
– Daily aerial yoga class with meditation & pranayama
– Comprehensive training manual with tips, real world observations & example class plans
– Teaching practice & skills including how to spot & assist & verbal cues
– Aerial asana- benefits, modifications & contraindications
– How to rig & adjust aerial yoga hammocks
– Gain the confidence to sequence & structure fun aerial yoga classes in your own unique style
– Certificate of Completion (as per Yoga Alliance continuing education)
– Lots of fun & giggles 😉

Special rate: $999
Payment plans available
(Usually $1299)

Held at our aerial yoga studio in Ferrymead, Christchurch. 15 minutes drive from Christchurch city centre and close to the beautiful beach suburb of Sumner. Easily accessible from the city by bus.

Learn aerial yoga asana

Learn variations of traditional grounded yoga asana. See how the hammock can be used as a support or to add an extra challenge to some of our favourite grounded poses.

Learn floating Pranayama

Discover the feeling of floating meditation and weightlessness. How to use the hammock in various ways at the start and end of a class.

Learn Aerial Yoga inversions

Inversions can become accessible to most people when using the hammock as a support, learn how to safely guide students through fun inversions. We will discuss common things to look out for, tips and how to spot and assist.

Add a bit of fun to our flow

Aerial Yoga can be extremely empowering and rewarding for both student and teacher alike. We will discover some fun transitional moves and progressions to work towards with your students and give you the tools to create fun and safe classes in your own unique style.

Meet the Team

Sarah’s Yoga practice began in 1999 in Brighton, England with classical yoga.
Her first teacher would often talk about her traditional yoga training in India at the Sivananda Ashram. Sarah visited the same Ashram where she stayed and lived whilst immersing herself fully into yoga, not only the physical asana but learnt the importance of meditation, chanting, chakras, yogic philosophy, pranayama and much more. Leaving in December 2006 as a qualified Sivananda yoga teacher.
Since then Sarah has taught in various places in Uk & NZ, including one of the first yoga centres in Queenstown at that time – Unity Yoga. She has taught public classes, private events and for the Christchurch hospital. Discovering and learning along the way other styles of yoga and opening her own boutique studio where she eventually settled in Sumner, Christchurch. It was there in 2016 that she tried a new style of yoga – Aerial yoga, and knew she wanted to bring this practise to her studio but to develop a style that was close to her yoga roots. Whilst in Bali where the style of Aerial Yoga is more inline with traditional yoga roots she completed a specific aerial yoga teacher training with Sky Yoga. It was here with Hels that the idea of Yoga Savitri Earth & Air Yoga was born where Sarah would infuse aerial yoga and her traditional yoga teachings together.

Hels yoga practice started when she met Sarah in Queenstown in 2008 and quickly learnt that it was so much more than making shapes on a mat. Although she didn’t at that time have a regular practice, yoga always came back into her life. Finding her love of being upside down whilst attending pole fitness classes in 2010 she again started attending Sarah’s yoga classes at the same studio. Hels love for being upside down and her (on and off!) yoga practice came together as one when in 2016 she discovered Aerial Yoga. From then on she continued her own practice and also wanting to learn more completed a 250 hour online aerial yoga teacher training with Aerial Yoga Academy, a 25 hour online aerial yoga teacher training with Rising Wings Yoga and joined Sarah in Bali for in person Aerial Yoga teacher training with Sky Yoga. As Sarah wanted to to infuse aerial yoga and her traditional yoga teachings together, Hels also completed an online 200 hour mat yoga teacher training in 2021 to upskill her knowledge in traditional yoga.