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Aerial Yoga

What is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial Yoga is practiced with the use of a ‘silk’ hammock (actually nylon tricot material often referred to as a silk and the same material as used by circus performers such as in Cirque de Soleil). The hammock is either set at hip height or below the knee for restorative classes. It is used as a support very much like using any other yoga props like blocks and bolsters. The soft fabric hammock can help us to move deeper into poses and inversions we may not have mastered on the ground.

Floating in the air brings a sense of freedom and lots of fun and all the while we are building strength and flexibility.

Benefits of Aerial Yoga:

Increases balance & flexibility
Decompression of the spine
Acts as a support & makes poses more accessible
Deepens Stretches
Keeps you in the moment
It’s a playful, fun practice

Aerial Yoga Beginners 4 week Course

2 Humphreys Drive / Ferrymead

Suitable for beginners or anyone wanting go back through Aerial Yoga foundations.

A great course for aerial yoga beginners or those who wish to refresh the foundational aerial yoga wraps & inversions. The slow pace of this class allows us to focus on the correct grips, wraps and fabric placements. In each class we will introduce and breakdown our Earth & Air Sun Salutations and discover the thrill of inversions whilst being fully supported in the fabric. We recommend taking this course so you can comfortably flow through our Sun Salutations and basic inversions when moving onto our aerial yoga level 1, mixed level classes.
$75 for 4 week course

Aerial Yoga Level 1

2 Humphreys Drive / Ferrymead

Suitable for those who have attended our Intro class, or a confident beginner who wants a challenge.

Each class begins with calming the mind. We will then bring heat into the body warming up with our Earth & Air Sun Salutations before we flow into classic aerial yoga asana and inversions in a new exciting way with the full support of the hammock. Aerial yoga classes explore the playful nature of aerial yoga and bring a sense of freedom and fun in a safe and supportive place.
Each class will end with relaxation either floating in the hammock or grounded to the earth. You will leave feeling energised and at peace.

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Aerial Yoga Level 2

2 Humphreys Drive / Ferrymead

Suitable for those that have a regular aerial yoga practice, are confident with our sun salutations, aerial yoga inversions & a good sense of comfort & safety in the hammocks.

A class to Flip your perspective! And challenge yourself. Focusing on connecting movement and poses whilst gaining the strength and coordination to add some fun flips into our flow.
We will work towards a peak pose flow over a number of weeks by breaking down each step and adding to our flow as we go. A fun class exploring the aerial arts and yoga fusion of aerial yoga.

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Aerial Yoga Strength & Conditioning

2 Humphreys Drive / Ferrymead

No previous aerial yoga experience needed.

A class to build strength in the body using a variety of conditioning exercises. A fusion of Aerial Yoga, Barre, Pilates & Strength training techniques this class will get the heart pumping and the core firing. Perfect for anyone wanting to get strong & a great compliment to build the strength required for some of the poses in our other aerial yoga classes.
You’ll leave feeling strong, with a smile on your face!

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